Sunday, 24 April 2016

Elvis on a Biscuit with Really Edible, Really Glittery Glitter!

Elvis glitter and quote cookies and photo by Honeycat Cookies

I absolutely love glitter on cookies. When I first started out, disco dust (and glitters like it, such as this) was still being sold as 'edible' and I happily used it (and ate it) in large quantities. Then The Authorities (in the UK) realised that it was, strictly speaking, not an edible product, as it is not digested and has no nutritional value, and therefore couldn't be sold as such.

So all the wonderful, glittery products got relisted as 'non-toxic', suitable to be used near food but not in it. Since I'm not about to ask customers to scrape their cookies before eating them, I've pretty much given up on it, except for personal use.

Musical Note decorated cookies with disco dust, photo by Honeycat Cookies

Since then, there have been a number of products come onto the market sold as 'edible glitter'. Most of my local supermarkets carry something of the sort - mostly ground rice mixed with lustre dust, like this from Waitrose/Ocado. Sprinkle-able, but definitely not glitter. These musical notes were made a long, long time ago, with the old stuff.

Musical note cookies with disco dust, photo by Honeycat Cookies

But a few months ago I noticed a new Rainbow Dust 'edible glitter' product in Hobbycraft, in a whole range of colours. So I bought the black, purple and pale green to see what they're like. And I was pleasantly surprised!

Comparison between disco dust and edible glitter in purple, photo by Honeycat Cookies

The purple especially really is glittery! The picture above shows the new edible glitter on the left, compared to the 'non toxic' true glitter on the right. The flakes are larger than the tiny specks of disco dust, so the effect is a little prickly to look at and in texture (but not in the mouth!), but there's a real sparkle. Not all the colours are the same - the black is not quite as glittery, but still perfectly useable, some of the other colours on the shelf look a little too 'dusty' to glitter properly. (By the way, this glitter really is properly purple, it's just really difficult to photograph, and comes out blue!)

I drew the musical notation by hand with an edible ink pen, just as with these Valentine's Day cookies.

Hand drawn musical notation and Elvis face cookie and photo by Honeycat Cookies

 It gives me hope for the future - it's got me all shook up! But that's enough conversation for now...

Chalkboard style Elvis quotation cookies and photo by Honeycat Cookies

...if you want to see the purple glitter in use on the King, here he comes...


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