In 2011, after several months of messing about with sugar I was persuaded by friends to start selling the little works of sugar art I was creating, and with Food Hygiene certificate and Council registration in hand, Honeycat Cookies was born! I work from home, in between looking after myhome and family, and primarily write about, advertise and sell my cookies through my Facebook page and this blog.

Decorated cookies are an ephemeral art, and whilst the comment 'it's too pretty to eat' is frequently made, my answer is always 'it's too tasty not to!'. But it's still nice to have a permanent record: the thought processes, design, experiements in techniques and of course the cookies themselves. To that end I am also endeavouring to improve my food photography, video and blogging skills. There are days when I'm not sure which is more challenging, histograms, nonsense with codecs, html code or royal icing consistency...

In 2014 I branched out of this blog and started writing bi-monthly tutorials for the Cookie Connection website (click on the badge on the side bar to see the collection). In addition, I was invited to contribute a tutorial for Cake Masters Magazine's Christmas issue, which resulted in a four page spread. And as if writing about and photographing cookies isn't enough, I regularly make videos of the decorating process, all of which are presented here in this blog as well as on my Honeycat Cookies Youtube channel.

I am most active on Facebook, where I showcase all my recent work, share the work of others in the vibrant cookier community, and participate in collaborations and discussions. I use this blog to express some of my thoughts on the various aspects of creating mainly cookies, but occasionally my forays into other sugar based culinery arts. I also have an Instagram account, where I post sneak peaks and behind the scenes images of work in progress, and a Flickr account, which I periodically update in order to keep a library of all my work in one place.

You can find links to all the social media Honeycat Cookies participates in on the sidebar.

Thank you for visiting; I welcome comments and discussion and any enquiry about my cookies whether you're a potential customer or a curious cookier!


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