Prices & Terms

Please note I am unable to ship to U.S. or Canada due to insurance restrictions

Guideline to my current prices:

            Elaborate, large cookies (4”): from £8 each
            Elaborate standard size cookies (3”): from £6 each
            Detailed standard size cookies: from £5 each
            Simple standard size cookies: from £4 each
            Mini cookies (from 1”): from £1.50 each

Examples of complexity:

Elaborate: where there is a detailed design, or picture, involving several colours and layers of work, requiring waiting for layers to dry before adding the next, or a detailed handpainted picture. A cookie like this can take 30 minutes or more to make. Please bear in mind also that researching, planning and sketching out designs takes time too!

Detailed: where there is some patterning in the base layer, with more patterning, beading and lettering on top, perhaps with lustre dust painting, or where a design has to be transcribed using a template or camera lucida prior topiping.

Simple: plain or simply patterned base, monogram (single letter only), simple beading. No lustre dust painting.

Occasionally a cookie design will take much longer in planning and execution than the above, and pricing will be quoted accordingly. As every cookie design is unique, please discuss your requirements with me and I can quote for your order. I am also happy to create a cookie set to fit your budget.

Prices include basic individual heat sealing into food safe cellophane. If you require more fancy wrapping, eg bags with ribbons, please contact me for a quotation.

Minimum orders:

I have to ask for a minimum order of £35 worth of any one particular style/range. This is because designing, baking and especially mixing a range of colours is time consuming whether it’s for one cookie or one hundred (mixing 7 or 8 specific colours can take up to a couple of hours, and saturated colours, like black or red, need to be started a couple of days in advance and adjusted each day).

Beyond the minimum order amount, there are few further economies of scale in doing large numbers, they simply take me longer, so please don’t ask for a discount for large orders. 

Terms and Conditions:

As my produce is edible and bespoke, the UK distance selling regulations regarding right to a refund if you change your mind upon receiving them, does not apply. I will refund if the item is not as agreed due to my error, of course, but unfortunately I cannot refund for occasional breakages. I always package with a view to protecting each cookie carefully, and have had very few breakages occur over the years, but if it is vital that you have a particular number of cookies (eg for party favours), please order extra just in case.

If a whole order is lost or damaged in transit with a courier (as opposed to Royal Mail), I cannot refund, as the courier does not insure foodstuffs or perishable items (see below) and I cannot claim. I try to use Royal Mail where possible for this reason, and would agree with the customer up front if a courier is to be used. If a whole order is damaged through Royal Mail, I willl need clear photographs of the damage so that I can make a claim, and upon receipt of a successful claim will then refund for the order.

I cannot refund for orders which arrive later than a particular date, if I have posted in reasonable time, as I cannot control the postal and courier services. ‘Reasonable time’ means with allowance for the delivery service’s delivery aim ,eg Collect Plus Courier aims to deliver in 3 to 5 working days not including weekends. I always retain proof of posting. If it is vital that the order arrives for a specific date, please ensure you order in plenty of time, so they can be posted early – all my cookies have a six week best before date if kept airtight and cool.

Many people like to leave the final designs to me, having given me an idea of the sort of thing they want. I cannot refund if the final product is not as you wished in these circumstances. If you have a specific idea, please be as detailed and clear as possible when ordering.

Packaging options:For posting, most commonly, I simply heat seal the cookies into food safe cellophane packages to keep them airtight during transportation (included in pricing). These are then placed in layers in a cardboard box, with layers of brand new bubblewrap between the layers. Outside of these layers, for extra padding, I will use recycled large bubblewrap, peanuts or other recycled materials.

For special gift tins, I have silver, hinge-lidded tins (19cm x 15cm x 7.6cm) which will take four layers of cookies, approximately 450g cookie weight, or the equivalent of 24 small round (2 ½”) cookies. Cookies are attached with a small amount of royal icing to cushion padding (chocolate box style). This option looks very elegant and is perfect to give to the recipient as it is (If required, let me know if you wish to see photographs of the cookies, so that you know what you are giving without having to unpack the tin first).

For local delivery or pickup, the cookies will be heatsealed into food safe cellophane and layered into boxes.

Postage and packaging costs take into account the cost of materials, tins or boxes, postage and my time.

Shipping options:

Choosing the right postal option can be complicated! Royal Mail have pushed their prices up with the introduction of a size element, though they have now expanded their 'small' size category. Most small cookie orders enter the ‘small’ and if under the 1kg threshold first or second class post is the best option.

For larger orders, sometimes Royal Mail can be very expensive. In this case, a courier can be the most economical. However, couriers will not insure foodstuffs or perishable items, and there is no financial comeback for damage in transit, and a refund for lost or damaged goods will unfortunately not be possible. The courier does however have online tracking on all parcels. Please bear this in mind if requesting the courier to keep costs down. If you have chosen to use a courier, I cannot refund for any part of the order, should it be damaged or lost in transit.

I am always happy to discuss shipping options and determine the most economical for you. If you require insurance for your parcel  in transit then please state this so I can quote Royal Mail prices. Similarly, please let me know if you wish your parcel to be posted by any other preferred option, eg special delivery.

Most of all I want my cookies to be beautiful, taste great, and delight their recipients. If you have any feedback I will be grateful. I am always trying to improve on my methods, from creating the cookies to packing and posting.

Thank you for reading.