Friday, 11 April 2014

Anna and Elsa from Frozen Cookie Tutorial

Disney's Frozen Anna, Elsa and Olaf on decorated cookies, photo by Honeycat Cookies

This tutorial is for Anna and Elsa decorated cookies. Don't forget to check out my Olaf tutorial and how to make the eyes too!

You will need:

Cookie bases, flooded and dried hard. (Mine have been flooded in blue and while still wet sprayed with pearl sheen and sprinkled with caster sugar to create a frosted effect)
Pre-made royal icing transfer eyes
Flesh coloured 10 second icing
Stiff hair-coloured icing in brown, cream and white
Food colour gel or paste in red, brown, purple and black
Fine paintbrushes kept for food use only
Pink and pearl lustre dust and alcohol to dilute (I used lemon essence)
Scribe tool or toothpick

A note on eyes: I prefer where possible to use my pre-made royal icing transfer eyes. I have lots of eyes in my desk drawer! These were just piped in white, blue (I have brown too) and black, with a white dot for a highlight. I still paint over the pupils with black paint for emphasis sometimes, and also use a little edible glue to leave a gleam (I'd like to try confectioner's glaze for this too).

Close up of royal icing eyes for decorating character cookies, dried and sorted for size, by Honeycat Cookies

1. Transfer the image of the head, hair and neck to the cookie using whichever method works for you. (I use the Camera Lucida ipad app and scratched the image on with the scribe tool).

2. With a small dab of royal icing, position the pre-made eyes. (You could of course not pre-make the eyes, but pipe them now, then wait until they're dry before moving on to the next step)

Outline of Anna scribed onto cookie, and royal icing eyes attached, cookie and photo by Honeycat Cookies

3. Outline and immediately flood the face with the flesh coloured icing. Very carefully pipe the icing over the upper and lower curve of the eyes, to create an 'eyelid' effect, and embed the eyes into the face. Tease the edges of the icing into place with the scribe tool.

Decorated cookie with Anna from Frozen's eyes and face piped, by Honeycat Cookies

4. Once the face has crusted, add the ear and neck, and pipe two small marks for the end of the nose (optional - you could always paint the nose on afterwards).

5. Section by section, using the stiff hair colour in brown and cream, fill in the seperate areas of hair, going back over with 'strands' to create texture.

Collage of stages of piping Anna from Frozen's face onto decorated cookie, by Honeycat Cookies

6. Paint the cream sections in pearl lustre dust mixed with a little alcohol to dilute.

7. Using the food colours and a little water, paint fine shadows around the cheek, neck, below the nose and amongst the hair, particularly below the ear; add the details of the mouth; add eyelashes and eyebrows.

8. Finally, with a dry brush, and dry pink lustre dust, add a little blush to the cheeks (I just did her right cheek as her face is slightly turned away).

Finished handpainted decorated cookie of Anna from Disney's Frozen, by Honeycat Cookies

 I used the same techniques to create the other princess, using white and cream for her hair, and applying more of the pearl lustre to the hair. She also has a little purple eyeshadow beneath her eyelashes.

Finished handpainted decorated cookie of Elsa from Disney's Frozen, by Honeycat Cookies

If I had to pick one thing that made making these character heads a pleasure, it was having pre-made eyes. It makes a world of difference! Whenever you have spare icing at the end of a project, it's worth making a few dozen, in a variety of shapes and sizes, just to keep by. 

Remember to check out my Olaf tutorial and how to make the eyes.

Updated 26/07/2016: I now have a video tutorials for the princesses! First Anna...

And here's Elsa...