Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Cookie Connection Owl Tutorial, and a new video now up!

If you'd like to know how to make these owls, head on over to Cookie Connection to see my latest featured post 'Owl Egg Egg Owl'... 

(and while you're there, don't forget my Coffee Pot Cookie tutorial, and visit Yankee Girl Yummies's great tutorials!)

I made a version on a circle too, with hooty music!

Have a lovely Easter!


  1. Wonderful! Thank you. Can you tell me is that a #2 you used to flood and so the wings? Also did you wait overnight to do do the wings and additional decor?
    The colors are lovely and watching you pipe you make it look so easy. Thanks once again!

    1. Hi Tina, thank you! I did use a no. 2 for the flood, and should have used a no. 3 but I'd already started filming! It's a no. 3 for the wings. 😊

  2. Awesome Tutorial! Beautiful owls :)

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  4. AWW! Those owls look cute + tasty, LOL. My nephew is scared of owls, for god knows what reason. I think I may switch the themes for this one and work on some owl cookies for Halloween! Moreover, with best assignment help uk based, producing my college tasks in top manner, I’ll even ace my exams by the time Halloween comes on. This’ll be a spooky treat, not with bats but owls this time!