Thursday, 12 January 2017

Cat Cookies for the Honeykitten

Just before Christmas it's the Honeykitten's birthday. Because of this, she often doesn't get the best of cookie sets, as I'm all cookied out from the seasonal orders. It's very unfair. This year I decided to remedy that. As cats are naturally her faourite animals, I made her these three, using gold and silver to add a little winter sparkle.

I'm very proud of them. Especially the one with gold eyes - controlling that gold leaf was not easy! I also love the simplicity of the edible silver tabby. The Honeykitten's not that impressed. They don't look exactly like the ones in her books, that she had attempted to describe to me, frequently and in great detail over the previous few months. I should have tried harder.

Still, I had three extra flooded and dried cookies for her to decorate. I left her to it, with tools, food colour palette and brushes, and I am most definitely impressed with her! She engraved the details with the scribe tool, carefully added eyes, and painted over the surface very thoroughly (they were all white flood to begin with).

On the black one, she added gleaming pearl eyelashes. The orange one has carefully adjusted eyes, for added symmetry! The blue one has a stick. The stick is an important attribute apparently.

I was instructed to take 'proper photos', and heatseal them so she could keep them. The ones she decorated that is. The ones I did are for eating.

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