Thursday, 15 September 2016

Wedding Favours: Cats in the Window

I recently had the pleasure of creating a design for wedding favour cookies featuring the bride and groom's two cats. The design needed to include both cats, and room for names and date.

The photograph they sent me (reproduced below with permission) inspired me to create a stylised version of the two cats at either end of a window ledge, with hints of sky and trees beyond, leaving a perfect space in the middle for text.

I chose one of my favourite plaque cookie cutters (from Truly Mad Plastics) and started sketching ideas. We discussed whether to try and keep the window frames, but I felt that would interfere with placing of the text. Once happy with the cats, I outlined them more strongly in ink, and photographed the sketch so I could use the images in my pico projector.

I used a very pale grey blue/green for the background and immediately piped fine grey/green foliage wet-on-wet. The bottom third was flooded in white. Once these were dry I piped a window ledge at the intersection, and let that dry. Then I used the pico projector to pipe the two cats.

That central area was perfect to pipe the names above the window ledge and the date below!

In the video below I show the cats being piped two ways: the first (orange cat) I have used the pico to scratch the image onto the dry icing first. The second (brown and white cat) I pipe directly onto the cookie using the pico image. It's difficult to decide which is easier. The latter ought to be quicker, but it's more of a strain on the eyes, and difficult to see when your hand gets in the way! Which way would you prefer?

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