Sunday 15 November 2015

Venice. (Cake Masters Magazine Cookie Award 2015!)

Back in October I had an email right out of the blue, from Cake Masters Magazine, telling me I had been nominated for their 2015 Cookie Award, at their annual Cake Awards and was one of four finalists, the others being Marta Torres of The Cookie Lab, Sandra Velez-Beltran of You Can Call Me Sweetie and Kim Coleman of Sugar Rush Custom Cookies.

They wanted me to send in a portfolio of ten pictures of my work, which I'm using to illustrate this post. Because who doesn't love a re-hash?

I was incredibly excited to be selected amongst such amazing cookie artists and equally devastated to learn that even though this amazing event, known unofficially as the Cake Oscars, is held in my home city, I COULDN'T GO!

Seriously, I couldn't go!

Just because this year marks the tenth year of my husband and I managing to stick together (because free cookies) and we'd booked a repeat of our honeymoon (henceforth to be known as 'honeymoon') to Venice.

Beyond squeaking a fair bit about being a finalist, I tried to keep quiet, I really did. I know it's not good form to ask your husband to postpone a (long-planned, expensive, no-cancellation) romantic trip because some people like your cookies.

But I did. I gave in. I asked if there was any way we could go on our 'honeymoon' a day late. Or even a few hours - shooting up the motorway and rushing through airport security in evening dress.

Turns out though, that they don't want people from the Midlands going to Venice too often because the next plane wasn't until several days later, effectively halving our 'honeymoon'. Even if we'd been prepared to pay all over again for new flights.

And apparently, it's not fair to expect your husband to spend the first half of his 'honeymoon' alone in Venice. (I don't know, he had books. And wifi.)

So I went to Venice, and all the cake people, including my personal hero Peggy Porschen (who unwittingly got me into this mess in the first place, by producing such pretty books with cookies in them) went to the glamorous awards ceremony. And while it was all going on, I was eating pasta, drinking prosecco and wandering the streets in Venice.

And it was lovely. I could cry it was so lovely. There was mist, and coffee, and peeling paint and coloured brick, and wine. Exuberant restaurateurs; fabulous, theatrical masks; gold mosaics. Tiny bridges; miniature dogs; little biscuits. Cream horns. (A few of those.)

There was a wonderful evening spent in the company of Marta, from the Cookie Lab, and her husband, who by sheer coincidence were also in Venice. The four of us spent a wonderful time talking about cookies and drinking prosecco.

There was a text from my mother saying she'd seen a picture of me on Cake Masters' facebook page; cue a lot more squeaking, and struggling with my tiny phone and miniature wifi to discover that Honeycat Cookies had, indeed, won the Cookie Award.

And of course there was Martin. And I wouldn't have given up a minute with him.


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