Sunday, 20 September 2015

Free Horse Cookie Design and a Ribbon Tying Video

Cookies and Photo by Honeycat Cookies

This is just a quick post. I created this delicate horse's head design for these cookie favours, which you can print or download, and adjust for use on your own cookies (or whatever else you might want a horse's head for!).

I piped my designs in beige on a 'mother of pearl' royal icing background, then painted the beige with gold lustre. The 'mother of pearl' effect was really easy. The cookies were flooded with ivory royal icing, then when perfectly dry, I gently dusted them in patches, with shades of pink, blue, purple and green lustre dusts. With clean dry fingers, I 'polished' each cookie gently, so the surface no longer rubs off dust, and is a perfect surface to transcribe a design onto.

And the video? Well I've been asked so often about the bag clips I use on my icing bags that I thought I'd film another use I have for them. They're OXO Good Grips bag cinches - you can find them here on Amazon, but I've bought them in kitchen equipment shops too. Each one is springloaded, so you just squeeze in the ends, and the centre opens, to pop around your icing (or cookie) bag. As you use up the icing, squeeze a little to allow the clip to move down the bag, and let go. Simple as that. I can't believe how much time I used to spend wrapping elastic bands around and around and around...

But here I am, using them to make tying ribbon easy:

And that's all for this post, really simple. But I've got something timey-wimey in the works I can't wait to show you...


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