Monday 22 December 2014

Oak, Snow, Mistletoe. A Christmas Cookie Wreath

I have a new video for you, as a little Christmas present!

I had a large order this year, for bags of snowflakes, oak leaves, and mistletoe. The brief was to use elements of these designs from last Christmas, where I used sugar frosting round the edges, and a light, open filigree style of piping for leaf veins and patterns.

All the cookies were flooded in either white or a soft, olivey green, dried, then sprayed with pearl lustre... and you can see how I completed the designs in the video (at one and a half speed)!

I wanted to arrange them nicely for photographing, and it took a bit of dissatisfied messing about because I kept getting left with an odd hole in the middle. Which happened to be the right size for a tealight...

Gold platter with candle, surrounded by oak leaf, snowflake and mistletoe sugar cookies by Honeycat Cookies, for Christmas.

So I simply stacked them up in overlapping layers around a tealight holder, on a gilded dinner plate which reflected the candlelight prettily. Perfect for a Christmas table centrepiece - as long as no one knocks the table, or touches the plate! (Best to add a few discreet blobs of stiff royal icing glue, but not so much that you can't pull it apart and eat it at the end of dinner)

Merry Christmas!


  1. I still have not got over your awesome rustic robin cookie platter! This is a wonderful platter, too! I enjoy your videos, very much! And I really like the platter from last year also! Your work is fantastic!

  2. That last photo is SO GORGEOUS!!!! It really shows off the beautiful colors and delicate piping!

    1. Thank you! This really is my faourite style :-)