Wednesday 6 August 2014

Colour Challenge Cheater Cookie

Cookie Connection regularly has 'Practice Bakes Perfect' cookie challenges (with prizes for a randomly drawn winner). This month's challenge is all about colour. Rebecca, The Cookie Architect, and author of the challenges, teamed up with Rebekah of Love at First Bite who knows all about colouring icing and writes an indespensible colour blog, to come up with a limited set of colours to be used in creating a set of cookies.

As a 'non-entry' (as I'm one of the Cookie Connection team, writing regular 'What's New, Honeycat?' posts) and rather bogged down with other stuff, I decided no one could tell me off if I just did the one cookie. I quickly mixed up small amounts of the required colours, and settled myself into an armchair opposite my inspiration (well, let's be honest, more than being inspired by this, I just plain copied it), a very large (at least 2 feet tall) appliqué and embroidery of a dandelion from the 1970s that I found on ebay.

I had plans of carefully plotting out each colour and line, but once I started I found I was just using the piping bags like pens, and 'sketching' quickly. Overall I probably didn't take more than 15 minutes on this, if that.

And the cheat...I didn't even bother making a cookie! (Sounds of cookier gasps of shock worldwide). What a disgrace.

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