Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Cookies for a Nature Festival and a New Video.

Nature, not naturist. Let's get that out of the way to start with.

These cookies were made for someone who is heading off to Orkney for their annual nature festival, and I was directed to this website for inspiration.

This was fun as I got to use a mixture of techniques: brush embroidery; painting; and water splashes using thick flood icing in white, a technique that I've found useful in the past for my lifeboat and motorbike cookies.

This little seal wasn't paying attention and nearly got washed off his rock.

Here is a crab.

Anyway, I made this little video for you. It's a bit speedy, it won't take long to watch.

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Update: proof these cookies do get eaten; here's a photo of the whale fluke and nature festival plaque cookies about to be munched in Orkney!